Monday, October 29, 2012

Muslims should avoid these characteristics at all costs, or try hard to change themselves if they feel they have any of these

10. The Judge: This person is always judging others, gossiping about others and backbiting. Avoid these types at all costs because as soon as you leave you can be sure they will be judging you and gossiping about you.

9. The Arrogant: this is the self righteous prick who in his or her own mind believes they are the most pious guy around since the last prophet. They are unable or unwilling to see there own faults, and go around talking and relentlessly preaching religion. They usually have arrogant smirks on their face.

8. The know it all, this guy or gal has usually read a certain Holy book once or twice, but believes they know it all, they are the authority, and that no one and nothing can get through to them, because they are flawless in their knowledge of religion.

7. The one liner, or I should say the one verser. These are guys who will here one verse from a religious book, or some self proclaimed scholar (who actually knows very little) and condemn large swathes of the population to death based on this verse, or condemn activities wholesale completely because of the one verse they read on the Internet or were told to by a friend. These types love quoting Hadiths with regards too the Islamic faith and usually have the 10 Hadith's they have memorized in their belt like a deck of cards. They use these 10 Hadiths as a one sized fits all sort of deal. You will often here these morons, say things like this, all music is Haram activity or, don't be friends with this person because scholar A (high school drop out rebelling against his parents said this on a YouTube video). These guys are closely related to the know it all.

6. The religious Jerk, the Jerk is not a know it all, and may not be arrogant, but he is very loud and aggressive These are the type of guys who will burn a store down because of a movie, when they have not even seen the movie. These guys are insensitive to say the least. They are the types who will take a broad Sword out to other religions, and laugh and mock at other people's faith and then try to cut your throat out if you dare say anything about their religion.

5. The Birther, these are the guys who are born into a certain religion, and have no knowledge of it, and do not care too have any knowledge of it, yet will defend it tooth and nail, for no apparent reason other then identity. They truly have no interest in the spiritual and are much more interested in the latest I phone etc. These guys are usually opportunists who love money and the good, life but keep religion as a sort of tool to be used when necessary.

4. The Zealot, this is the guy who not only judges but actually is downright hostile and aggressive toward anyone or anybody who does not agree or confound to their own narrow and small idea's of religion. The problem with the zealot is that because of their zealotry they have actually read a certain Holy Book 10 or 20 times and read it in it's authentic language. They have watched all the YouTube video's out their and have the box set of DVD's in their home. They are utterly convinced they are doing God's work. However they fail to realize they know absolutely nothing. The great scholars of the Middle ages read the Holy Books over 100 times, and memorized them word for word in 5 different languages, and taught and analyzed the words day and night. They lived in a society where everything was encompassed by religion, and they still would humbly say God knows best I know nothing. That was the difference back then, all study and work, and total humility. Nowadays some guy will read a religious book 20 or 30 times and spend 2 or 3 years in study and act like he is a scholar, with an ego the size of Muhammad Ali.

3. The Punisher this is the type who hates to interpret anything in religion liberally. Even though he knows nothing he loves to cut off hands and bring out the stones. Common sense would dictate that since you are human and your knowledge is very very limited you must interpret with mercy and liberally all religious teachings as to not commit an error. However these guys have no time for common sense, they want to punish and hurt people.

2. The Hypocrite, He watches Carly Rae Jepson video's and groves to "Call Me Maybe", but hides this away from the public. He trolls YouTube for his favorite sexually explicit movie but comes off as a holy roller admitting no mistake ever. He may not be ruthless to judge others but he can't even look at himself in the mirror because his true self and what he purports to be are miles away. The Hypocrite does not care about what God thinks but is obsessed with maintaining a religious image at all costs. He is a politician and their are millions of these types in the Islamic world.

1. The religious coward, the guy who is too afraid to wish you a religious greeting in front of others. He's down for the cause behind closed doors, but out to please and water down his belief in public and even pretend about who he is. No one is saying you have to be loud and aggressive about it. In fact you can be soft as a dove and polite as an angel. However these cowards are like jelly and want to hide from the world who they are and what they believe.
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