Monday, October 29, 2012

Islam's core principles. Idea's to always keep in mind as a Muslim.

1. God knows best, remember this value because it humbles one, it reminds us that knowledge is infinite and that we truly know nothing. This prevents people from being a know it all. It also prevents us from being harsh with our judgments towards others because we truly do not know much if anything. Allah knows best should be something said by a Muslim as much as Alhumdillah or Mashallah.

2. God forgives sins the size of mountains, remember if God is forgiving you too should be forgiving. This makes us a society that is merciful and thoughtful. It makes us people who are lenient tolerant, and understanding.

3. You cannot fool Allah, this one is very important, this prevents people from being liars and manipulators. Too often in Muslim society we find ourselves being manipulated by liars who think since no one can prove they are lying they are okay. In reality God knows all sins, and you cannot fool him. This also makes us much less judgmental  because our sins may be hidden and others sins may be in public but to God it's all the same. We are equally guilty. This way judging people in the public eye will be far far less.

4. Islam is not an exact science or Math, more specifically to God Islam may be an exact science or math but to us it is not because we are humans. Every human will interpret scripture differently and who are we to say who is right or who is wrong. Even scriptures regarding music or the punishment for theft have been debated for thousands of years. We should be humble and realize that allot of religion is up to interpretation and this should make us liberal toward our interpretation, because it is better to be too lenient then too harsh. If we are too lenient then Allah can make it up to the person, and Allah will understand us. If we are too harsh Allah may make it up to the person in the after life, but we could be punished for our excessive harshness. That is why we must be liberal in our Islamic interpretation because Allah forbid we could be wrong in our understanding.

5. Islam is service to humanity. Islam is a guidance to mankind and it helps us serve humanity. When interpreting scripture you should ask yourself are we serving humanity and are we helping our fellow humans. Islam is not a religion where one says I don't care what anyone thinks but God, that's all I care about. This is because we should care what everyone thinks and that we show our love for God in how we treat other people. In a loving society poor people will be taken care of etc. This emphasis on service to humanity will create healthy, wealthy happy societies where the goal of life is to be a good person according to religious principles and serve our fellow human beings.It will maintain the focus of Muslims which is greatly lacking (Please see the article on Muslim focus) and Muslims while caring about the suffering of people in far away lands, will focus on the immediate people they can help in their own cities through hard work and dedication.

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