Monday, October 29, 2012

Muslim victim mentality and the media

     I am a little tired of hearing Muslims say the media does not cover this, or the media covers's this issue to much, or the Western media covers issue's that aid and benefit Western interests over Islamic ones etc. First, why are Muslims flabbergasted when they find out something as obvious like the Western media pursues it's own interests. Of course they do! The Chinese media pursues China's interests, the Russian media pursues Russian interests etc. Only among Muslims do you find this victim mentality of begging other's to focus on Muslims. If Muslims want to have more media coverage on certain issues they must do it themselves and empower themselves. The victim mentality is a no go. Especially in this age of advanced technology where any person with a decent camera and an Internet connection can become the media etc. Friendly advice too Muslims is to be proactive with regard to media, the idea goes if you don't like the coverage make your own, if you can't make your own because it's hard, or your too lazy then tough. I loathe the racism of lower expectations.

Ampersands & angle brackets need to be encoded.

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